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UX Product Manager at

Website + Mobile (iOs & Android)

Eurosport rebranding

eurosport-avant-refonte-ux-design chef-de-produit-ux-eurosport

When I joined the group, a major reorganization of the company occurred because Discovery, an American multinational pay television network, had become the majority shareholder. From this stems a global overhaul project but also a new strategy focused on results.

As UX manager, I have contributed to the graphic and functional redesign of

UX conception of community features

I realized the interactive and realistic prototyping of all the Community components of the site. I then accompanied the graphic designer for the realization of the mock-ups as well as the developers who made them real.

As you can see below, we have designed a registration system that adapts perfectly to new user needs

Final registration process
Optimizely - Plateforme d'expérimentation d'A/B tests

Data-Driven decisions

The Eurosport Player team needed to optimize clicks and conversions. In order to propose a relevant answer, I had to design A/B tests, which is a marketing technique that consists in proposing several variants of the same object that differ according to a single element.

For this, we used hypothesis based on statistics. With the Optimizely tool, we were able to identify areas of visitor activity and imagine variations that could lead to more conversions.

The A/B tests gave us an excellent idea of the results we could obtain by following or not following the tested scenario.

If you want to drive conversions and increase sales, decisions based on well-conducted A/B testing, data-driven decisions are incredibly relevant.


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Are you taking data-driven decision?