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UX Project Manager at LP Digital

Putting the Agile methodology into practice

During this 6-month internship as part of my Agile Project Manager training (BAC +3) at IIM, I was involved in projects for various clients such as PublishPaper (internal solution), Novexa (industry), or French institutions (ANDRA, Caisse des Dépôts) . 

As UX Project Manager, I intervene in the upstream phase of the project with the collection of customer needs, the realization of audits and studies on user behavior and the drafting of recommendations.

During the design phase, I am in charge of improving user experience, prioritizing information and ergonomic research. All this is materialized by the realization of Wireframes and prototypes under Axure. At the same time, I write the functional (for the customer) and technical (for the developers) specifications.

Wireframing or Prototyping?

Understanding the customer's needs is essential to communicate their issues to designers and developers. The terms zoning, wireframe, mockup and prototype relate to ergonomics and interface design, and are found in most digital projects. They are not synonymous but correspond to distinct stages.

Responsive Webdesign

As a UX / UI Designer, I apply myself when designing interfaces to ensure that each page of the site or mobile application is accessible everywhere and by anyone.
Statistics are unanimous, screen sizes vary from simple to double, and users come from all walks of life.


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